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Callophrys augustinus croesioides (Scudder, 1876)
(Brown Elfin)

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(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Callophrys Billberg, 1820

Enum. Ins. Mus. Billb.: 80. Type-species: Papilio rubi Linnaeus, 1758, Syst. Nat. (ed. 10) 1: 483, no. 154, by designation of Scudder (1875), Proc. Am. Acad. Arts Sci., Boston 10(2): 132, no. 202.


Callophrys augustinus (Westwood, 1852)

In: Gen. diurn. Lepid. 2(52): 486, no. 104.

Original Combination: Th[ecla]. Augustinus

Proposed to replace Thecla augustus W. Kirby, 1837, preoccupied, with the same data (Code Article 60.3).

=    ‡augustus (W. Kirby, 1837)

Fauna Bor.-Am. [4]: 298, no. 1, pl. 3, figs. 4 ♂ D, 5 ♂ V.

Original Combination: Thecla Augustus

Type Locality: “Lat. 54o”; stated to be “Cumberland House, Lat. 54o N, Saskatchewan” by Klots (1951), Field Guide Butts. N. Am.: 146; defined as “north end of Lake Winnipeg” by W. Forbes (1960), Mem. Cornell Univ. Agric. exp. Sta. 371 (part 4): 133; neotype from “Fawcett, Alberta.”

Types: Neotype in AMNH, designated by dos Passos (1943), Am. Mus. Novit. (1230): 2.

Preoccupied by Hesperia augustus Fabricius, 1793, Entomol. Syst. 3(1): 275, no. 62, considered to be in Thecla at the time of the replacement. This name was replaced by augustinus Westwood, 1852; even though the secondary homonymy no longer exists, the rules governing replacement names apply (Code Articles 57.3.1, 59.3).


Callophrys augustinus croesioides (Scudder, 1876)

Bull. Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci. 3: 104, no. 200.

Original Combination: [Incisalia Augustus] Croesioides

Type Locality: “Canada and New England, southward along the Appalachians to West Virginia”; neotype from “Lakehurst, New Jersey.” [Ocean County]

Types: Neotype in AMNH, designated by dos Passos (1943), Am. Mus. Novit. (1230): 2.



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