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Callophrys i. irus (Godart, [1824])
(Frosted Elfin)

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(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Callophrys Billberg, 1820

Enum. Ins. Mus. Billb.: 80. Type-species: Papilio rubi Linnaeus, 1758, Syst. Nat. (ed. 10) 1: 483, no. 154, by designation of Scudder (1875), Proc. Am. Acad. Arts Sci., Boston 10(2): 132, no. 202.


Callophrys irus (Godart, [1824])


Callophrys irus irus (Godart, [1824])

In: Ency. méth. 9(Ins.)(2): (610), 674, no. 177.

Original Combination: Polyommatus Irus

Type Locality: “l’Amerique?”; suggested to be “southern area of New Jersey east of Philadelphia” by Gatrelle (1999), Tax. Rep. Int. Lepid. Surv. 1(6A): 1A. [Camden or Burlington counties, New Jersey]

Types: Holotype in MNHP; figured by K. Johnson (1991), J. Lepid. Soc. 45(2): fig. 18. This same specimen was designated neotype by Gatrelle (1999), Tax. Rep. Int. Lepid. Survey 1(6)(1A): fig. 5 ♂ D&V, because there was a question as to its validity as a syntype. Faynel and Bálint (2004), Bull. Soc. Entomol. Fr. 109(3): 277, 285, considered it the holotype.

                         =    ‡”balteata” Scudder, 1889

Butts. E. U. S. & Can. 2(6): 837-838.

Original Combination: Incis[alia]. irus [ab.] baltaeta

Type Locality: “Centre, near Albany” [Albany County, New York]

Types: “Holotype” may be in MCZ or NYSM.



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