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Eunica pomona amata H. Druce, 1874
(Rounded Purplewing)

Type Specimens
photo collection:


Pinned Specimens
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Live Adults
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Distribution and Larval Foodplants:

S Mexico (S Chiapas) to E Panama




Text from:

Godman, Frederick DuCane, and Osbert Salvin ([1889-91]) "Biologia Centrali-Americana. Insecta. Lepidoptera-Rhopalocera." London, Dulau & Co., Bernard Quaritch. v. 1, page 225, January 1883:

6. Eunica amata. (Tab. XXIV. figg. 1, 2.)
Eunica amata, Druce, Cist. Ent. i. p. 285'.
E. alcmenæ affinis, sed colore cyaneo alarum multo magis purpureo et obscuro, subtus quoque maculis, prae-
    sertim ocellis multo minoribus differt.
  Hab. COSTA RICA (Van Patten1).
  The two original specimens, which were in Dr. Van Patten's collection, and formed
the subject of Mr. Druce's description, are all that we have seen of this species. It
may at once be distinguished from all its congeners by the rich purple tint of the blue
of the upper surface of the wings.

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