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Euptoieta hegesia meridiania Stichel, 1938
(Mexican Fritillary)

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Distribution and Larval Foodplants:

[= hoffmanni], S TX, W MX (strays N), E Mexico to Argentina


(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Euptoieta E. Doubleday, 1848

In: Gen. diurn. Lepid. (1)(20): 169-170. Type-species: Papilio claudia Cramer, 1775, Uitl. Kapellen 1(6): 109, pl. 69, figs. E, F; (8): 152 (index), by designation of Scudder (1872), 4th Ann. Rep. Peabody Acad. Sci. (1871): 43.


Euptoieta hegesia (Cramer, 1779)

Uitl. Kapellen 3(18): 30, pl. 209, figs. E ♂ D, F ♂ V; 3(24): 175 (index).

Original Combination: Pap[ilio]. Nymph[alis]. Phal[erata]. Hegesia

Type Locality: “Nord-Amerika, en Nieuwjork, en op Eiland Jamaïka” “l’Amerique septentrionale, à la Nouvelle-York, & dans l’Isle de la Jamaïque”; neotype from “Montego Bay, Jamaica.”

Types: Neotype in AMNH, designated by W. Comstock (1944), Sci. Surv. Puerto Rico & Virgin Is. 12(4): 445. It is possible that syntypes may exist in BMNH.

            =    columbina (Fabricius, 1793)

Entomol. Syst. 3(1): 148, no. 453; cited Jones’ Icones 5: pl. 7, fig. 2.

Original Combination: P[apilio]. N[ymphales]. Columbina

Type Locality: “America”

Types: Syntypes include the specimen figured in unpublished plates by William Jones.


Euptoieta hegesia meridiania Stichel, 1938

Lepid. Cat. 86: 111; cited Brenthis claudia (sensu Geyer (1837), Zutr. Samml. exot. Schmett. 5: 11, pl. [143], figs. 831, 832).

Original Combination: [Euptoieta] h[egesia] meridiania

Type Locality: “Süd-Brasilien (typ.: Espirito Santo)” [Espirito Santo, Brazil]

Types: Type(s) possibly in BMNH or lost.

                   =    hoffmanni W. Comstock, 1944

Sci. Surv. Puerto Rico & Virgin Is. 12(4): 446, note 1, fig. 6 FW marking.

Original Combination: Euptoieta hegesia hoffmanni

Type Locality: “Mexico...Escuiñapa, Sinaloa”

Types: Holotype in AMNH.



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