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Kricogonia lyside (Godart, 1819)
(Lyside Sulphur)

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SE AZ & S TX (strays N) to Venezuela; S FL, Gr. Antilles


(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Kricogonia Reakirt, [1864]

Proc. Entomol. Soc. Philad. 2(3): 355. Type-species: Colias lyside Godart, 1819, in: Ency. méth. 9(Ins.)(1): 98, no. 30, by original designation.


Kricogonia lyside (Godart, 1819)

In: Ency. méth. 9(Ins.)(1): (87), 98, no. 30.

Original Combination: Colias Lyside

Type Locality: Not stated; defined as “Haiti” by N. Riley (1975), Field Guide Butts. W. Indies: 131.

Types: Lectotype in MNHP, designated by Lamas (1993), Shilap Revta. Lepid. 21(83): 154, no. 125.

N. Riley (1972), J. Lepid. Soc. 26(4): 228, determined that the historical use of the name castalia for this species was based on misdeterminations. The original description of castalia referred to the figure of Glutophrissa drusilla in Jones’ Icones.”

            =    terissa (Lucas, 1852)

Revue Mag. Zool. (2)4(9): 429.

Original Combination: Rhodocera Terissa

Type Locality: “Saint-Domingue et la Jamaïque”

Types: Syntypes in MNHP.

                   =    ‡terissa (Boisduval, 1870)

Consid. Lépid. Guat.: 10.

Original Combination: [Rhodocera Lyside] Terrissa

Type Locality: “Mexique...Guatemala”

Types: Type(s) should be in MNHP or BMNH.

Preoccupied by Rhodocera terissa Lucas, 1852, Revue Mag. Zool. (2)4(9): 429.

            =    fantasia Butler, 1871

Trans. Entomol. Soc. Lond. (4)1871(2): 170, pl. 7, fig. 6 ♀ D.

Original Combination: Kricogonia Fantasia

Type Locality: “Nicaragua”

Types: Syntype in BMNH.

            =    lanice Lintner, [1885]

Papilio 4(7/8): 138-130, no. 11.

Original Combination: Kricogonia Lanice

Type Locality: “Brownsville, Texas...Hidalgo...Lomita Ranch” implied from the introduction to the paper. [Cameron and Hidalgo counties]

Types: Syntype (#5861) in NYSM and ANSP.

This name was listed without a description or indication by W. H. Edwards (1884),Trans. Am. Entomol. Soc. 11(3/4): 262, no. 60; a nomen nudum.

            =    unicolor Godman & Salvin, 1889

Biol. centr.-amer., Lepid. Rhop. 2(79): 151, no. 2.

Original Combination: Kricogonia unicolor

Type Locality: “Guatemala, San Gerónimo...Haiti; Jamaica”

Types: Syntypes in BMNH.

            =    xanthophila Röber, 1909

In: Seitz, Grossschmett. Erde 5(29): 89; (41) pl. 26d, fig. [4] ♀ D.

Original Combination: [Kricogonia lyside] xanthophila form nov.

Type Locality: “Guatemala”

Types: Lectotype in MTD, designated by Lamas (1995), Shilap Revta. Lepid. 23(91): 344.

            =    occidentalis S. Torre, 1988

Revta. Biol. (La Habana) 2(2): 57.

Original Combination: Kricogonia lyside occidentalis

Type Locality: “Varadero y en otras regiones de la parte occidental de Cuba”

Types: Syntypes in IZAC, AMNH and ANSP.

‡”anorbus” Scott, 1981

Papilio (n.s.) 1: 3.

Original Combination: Kricogonia lyside female form anorbus

Proposed as a “form” with no nomenclatural standing; a nomen nudum.



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