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Lycaena editha vurali Koçak, 1984
(Edith's Copper)

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(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Lycaena [Fabricius], 1807

In: Illiger Mag. f. Insektenk. 6: 285, no. 32. Type-species: Papilio phlaeas Linnaeus, 1761, Fauna Svecica (ed. 2): 285, no. 1078, by designation of J. Curtis (1824), Brit. Entomol. 1(3): pl. 12, [1]. American species in this genus were reviewed by Pratt and D. Wright (2003), Pan-Pac. Entomol. 78(4): 219-229.


Lycaena editha (Mead, 1878)

Oliver & Shapiro (2007), Molecular Ecology 16(20): 4308–4320, establish that Lycaena editha and L. xanthoides are distinct species.

Can. Entomol. 10(10): 198-199.

Original Combination: Chrysophanus Editha

Type Locality: “the borders of Lake Tahoe, near Carnelian Bay” [Placer County, California]

Types: Syntypes in FMNH; figured by W. Holland (1898), Butt. Book: pl. 28, figs. 26 ♂ D, 27 ♀ D.

=    ‡”vanduzeei” Gunder, 1927

Entomol. News 38(5): 133, no. 1, pl. 2, fig. 1 ♀ D (“holotype”).

Original Combination: Lycaena editha vanduzeei ♀ nov. tr. form

Type Locality: “Deer Park, Placer County, California”

Types: “Holotype” in CAS.


Lycaena editha vurali Koçak, 1984

Priamus 3(3): 95.

Original Combination: Lycaena editha vurali

Proposed to replace Lycaena editha montana W. D. Field, 1936, preoccupied, with the same data (Code Article 60.3).

                         =    ‡montana W. D. Field, 1936

Entomol. News 47(5): 122.

Original Combination: Lycaena editha new race montana

Type Locality: “Broadwater County, Montana”

Types: Holotype in USNM.

Preoccupied by Lycaena semiargus montana Meyer-Dur, 1851, Verz. Schmett. Schwiez. 1, Tagfalter: 60.

                         =    ‡”meadi” W. D. Field, 1936

J. Entomol. & Zool. 28(2): 25.

Original Combination: Lycaena editha race montana female f. meadi

Type Locality: “Teton Mts., Wyo.” [Teton County, Wyoming]

Types: “Holotype” in USNM.



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