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Oeneis melissa beanii Elwes, 1893
(Melissa Arctic)

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Live Adults
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Larval Foodplants and Habitats
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S & C BC, SW & W-central ALTA, to N-central WA, MT, WY & NE UT


(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Oeneis Hübner, [1819]

Verz. bekannt. Schmett. (4): 58. Type-species: Papilio norna Thunberg, 1791, Ins. Suec. (2): 36-37, pl. 2, figs. 11, [11a], by designation of Butler (1868), Entomol. Mon. Mag. 4(45): 196.


polixenes group Gorbunov, 2001

Butts. Russia Class.: 226.


Oeneis melissa (Fabricius, 1775)

Syst. Entomol.: 513, no. 298.

Original Combination: P[apilio]. N[ymphalis]. P[halerata]. Melissa

Type Locality: “insula Terre nueve Americae”; defined as “Chateau Bay, Labrador coast” by Pelham (2008), J. Res. Lepid. 40: 421, based on Lysaght (1971), J. Banks Newfoundland Labrador: 120-155. Fabricius cited “Mus. Banks.” Banks visited St. John's and Croque on the east side of the northern peninsula, and Chateau Bay, on the Labrador coast. Oeneis melissa is not currently known to occur on Newfoundland Island. Neotype from “[Canada], Labrador, ? Tanke.” [Newfoundland and Labrador]

Types: Type(s) apparently lost; neotype in MGCL, designated by V. Lukhtanov and Eitschberger (2002), Butts. World, Suppl. 4: 4, 1d; figured by V. Lukhtanov and Eitschberger (2000), Butts. World Part. 11: pl. 1, fig. 10 ♂ D, pl. 2, fig. 10 ♂ V.


Oeneis melissa beanii Elwes, 1893

Trans. Entomol. Soc. Lond. (4)1893(4): 464, 476-477; 481, key; pl. 15, fig. 8 valve, fig. 11 hind tibia ♀.

Original Combination: [Oeneis] Beanii

Type Locality: “ 8-9000 ft. elevation”; defined as “vicinity of...Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta” by Kondla (1996), Alberta Naturalist 26(2): 40.

Types: Holotype (#3825) in BMNH.



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