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Photographer Credits
Meet our Photographers

George T. Austin [1943-2009]

John Baumann email
Rita Adkins Shawn Ashbaugh email Robert A. Behrstock email, website
Doug Aguillard email, website Stephane Attal
Brian Ahern email David Bauer
Tom Allen Nicholas Block email
Bob Anderson Johan van't Bosch
Paul Atkins Pierre Boyer email

Parker Backstrom email

Bill Berthet email

Tom Bentley email, website

Jeff Babson email, website

Gualberto Becerra email
John Calhoun email
Charles Bordelon email and Ed Knudson

Bill Bouton email, website

Bret Boyd email

Jim P. Brock email, website

Hank & Priscilla Brodkin email, website

Bart Broertjes

Ray Bruun

Vitaly Charny email
Alexa Carleton

Sue Cloutier

Ray Collett email
Rolando Cubero email
Theresa Bayoud Rick Cech Luis Miguel Constantino
Ana Isabel Bieler Dale Clark email
Matt Brown email David Clulow
Gill & Will Carter email, website Wayne Colony
Jaume Casaponsa Will Cook
Howell Curtis email Steve Daniel Jeanne Dammarell email
Jim Conrad website
Linda Cooper email
Doug Danforth email

Nicky Davis email, website

Jan Dauphin email, website
Kim Davis email and Mike Stangeland email visit Kim & Mike's website
Phil DeVries

Rudy Dodero email

Iliana Hellyer-Delgadillo

James Dunford email

Nelson Dobbs email, website
J. F. Doyle III
Niels Poul Dreyer
David Droppers email
Yahaira Rojas Durán
Robert Gallardo

Pamela Elia [1957-2010]

Thierry Garcia

Christophe Faynel email

Harold Greeney
Juan Guillermo email
Kevin Heeter email
David Horner email
Rienk de Jong

Alana Edwards email

Dick Freshley email

MaryAnn Friedman email

José Gabriel Gamboa Díaz email
Kim Garwood email, website

André Victor Lucci Freitas email

Lawrence Duhon email
Tom Edell email
Lee Ellington
Deborah Elmore
Mike Fisher email
John Fox
Alejandro Flores Palacios

Deby A. Galloway email

Bert Frenz
Terry Fuller email
Dr. Carlos Galindo-Leal
Deborah Galloway email
Frank Lambert
Jesus Linares
Paul Germain Cary L. Geihs email
James Giroux
Glenn Gorelick
Suzanne Rab Green
Jay Greenberg
Bob Grosek
Chris Grinter email, website
Nick Grishin email
Phil Gould email
Mick Hanley
David Gumbart
Mike Hannisian
Mick Hanley
Brian Hansen
Samuel Hansson
Richard Hardesty email
Dave Hanson email

Bernard Hermier email 1, email 2

Blanca Huertas, MSc contact

Kenn Kaufman and Kimberly Kaufman email
Tom Horton email, website

Richard C. Hoyer email

Grant Helete

Dan Janzen email and Winnie Hallwachs email
websites: Janzen & Hallwachs & Caterpillars Homepage, Janzen UPENN Ecology Course

Dan Hardy email Jim Hoover

David James email

Fred Heath Cathryn Hoyt
Thomas Hellyer email Alvaro Jaramillo
David J. Hoag email Ricardo Jimenez
Jan Hintermeister Amy Johnson
Chris Holtby email Tim Jones email

Linda Honeycutt email

Ken Kertell email
Krushnamegh Kunte email, website

John Kemner

Eugene Karolinskiy email, website
Nick Kanakis Loch Kilpatrick email Selena King
Richard Lehman email, website

Luc Legal email, Jerome Albre and Oscar Dorado

Bernard Lalanne-Cassou

Bernardo Lopez email

Kathy Malone email
Roberto Gonzalo De la Maza Elvira email
Gerardo Lamas email

Beatrice Laporte email and Laura Maskell
Richard and Jane McDonald email
Caitlin LaBar email
Michael Klein email

Kenji Nishida email 1, email 2, website
Escuela de Biologia, Universidad de Costa Rica 2060 San Jose, COSTA RICA

P.O. Box mailing address:
Apdo. 1204-1002, Paseo Los Estudiantes, San Jose, COSTA RICA
Telephones: +(506)-2511-4367 (lab), +(506)-8918-1804 (cell), +(506)-2294-0612(home)

Philip Kline
Sandy Koi email
Rich Kostecke
Rene Lahousse
John Lane
Richard Lindstrom Dave McNeese email
Mary Linders
Scotty Lofland
Maria del Consuelo López Ramirez
Alida Madero
Stephen J. Meyers
Frank Model email
Bill & Doris Patterson

Dennis Paulson email

Erik J. Van Nieukerken

Gary Pearson email
Berry Nall email, website

Megan McCarty email Pam Mowbray-Graeme
James McDermott Naomi Murphy email
Blanca Claudia Hernández-Mejía Ginny Musgrave
Lynn and Gene Monroe Andrew Neild
Jess Morton Regis Nossent
Clive Pemberton  

Paul Opler

Bob Pyle

Jonathan P. Pelham email

Alex Pemberton email

Phil Pemberton email
Jeff Pippen email, website

David Powell email, website

Gil Quintanilla email
Kurt Radamaker email, website
Mark Rainey email

Fred Ramsey email

Bryan Reynolds email, website
Mike Rickard email
Paul Ramsay
Alexa Niño de Rivera

Stephen J. Myers
Tom Murray
Hans van Oosterhout
Kevin Painter email
John G. Pasko email
Rose Payne
Mike Patterson Jean-Claude Petit email Emily Peyton
Alex Popovkin Herschel Raney Kelly Richers
Karen Robacker Susan Schott James A. Scott

David Robacker

Judi Ross email, website

Alejandro Sanchez email, website

Ed Post
Martin Reid email, website
Barbara Ribble email
Roger Rittmaster
John Rosford
John Saba email
SAITO, Motoki email

David Shaw email

John L. Richards
Erik Runquist
Rob Santry
Beverly S. Sensbach
Steve Summers

Shirley Sekarajasingham

Ronda Spink email

Phil Schappert email John A. Shuey email Ed Schneider
Rosemary Seidler email Jack Seigel Barbara Spencer
Kojiro Shiraiwa email, website
Netta Smith

Wanda Smith email

Jim Snyder email

Andrei Sourakov email

Brad Stirn

Antonio Rangel
Frans Slieker
Mary B. Stowe
Raimund Spruzina
Lila Theis email
Graham Toal
G. Thomas Albert Thurman email
Alberto Thompson
Ellie Thompson email
Raul Trujillo Tovar
Ann Vacek
Luanne Vadnais

Jim Thayer email

Todd Stout email, website
Jeff Trahan email
Marceline VandeWater

Angel G. Vasquez

Salvador Valencia email
Al Wagar
John A. Wagner
Andrew Waller
Kelly Walker
Robert Warner
Ro Wauer email

Angelica Vasquez Cruz

Jim & Lynne Weber
Rob Westerduijn
Holly Weston
Cathleen J. Wilson email
Ron Wilson

Kay & Dan Wade email

Andrew D. Warren email
Sally J. Warren

Wayne Whaley email, website

Nina C. Wilde email

Barbara Woodmansee email, website
Bruce Webb email

Nan Wilson website

Russ Wigh email
Keith Willmott email
Anna Whitney email
Bret Whitney email
Alan Wight email, website
Sheri Williamson Melissa Woodson Bob Yukich

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