Tribe Achlyodidini Burmeister, 1878   —  

Aethilla lavochrea

Butler, 1872

Yellow-rimmed Skipper

E & W Mexico to Colombia

Aethilla echina echina

Hewitson, 1870

Echina Skipper

SE Mexico to S Brazil

Aethilla chiapa

H. Freeman, 1969

Highlands Skipper

Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guatemala

Achlyodes busirus heros

Ehrmann, 1909

Giant Sicklewing

E & W Mexico to Bolivia

Achlyodes pallida

(R. Felder, 1869)

Pale Sicklewing

[= selva], W Mexico & S Texas
(as stray) to Bolivia

Eantis tamenund

(W. H. Edwards, 1871)

Northern Sicklewing (Sickle-winged Skipper)

C & S Texas (further N as
strays) to N Belize and

Eantis thraso

(Hübner, [1807])

Southern Sicklewing

SW Chiapas, S Belize, Guatemala
to Argentina

Eantis mithridates

(Fabricius, 1793)

Jamaican Sicklewing


Eantis papinianus

(Poey, 1832)

Cuban Sicklewing

[= sagra], Cuba, Hispaniola

Eantis minor

(W. Comstock, 1944)

Lesser Sicklewing

Puerto Rico to Dominica and

Eantis munroei

(E. Bell, 1956)

Munroe's Sicklewing


Doberes hewitsonius

(Reakirt, [1867])

Pale Doberes

S Mexico

Doberes anticus

(Plötz, 1884) (Typical

Dark Doberes

SE Mexico (VER, OAX, CHIS)

Doberes anticus

(Plötz, 1884) (Pale segregate)

Dark Doberes

S Mexico (Chiapas) to Costa Rica

Doberes sobrinus

(Godman & Salvin, 1895)

West-Mexican Doberes

W Mexico (Guerrero)

Ouleus cyrna

(Mabille, 1895)

Hidden-yellow Skipper

Chiapas to Panama

Ouleus bubaris

(Godman & Salvin, 1895)

Bubaris Skipper

SE Mexico, Guatemala

Ouleus calavius

(Godman & Salvin, 1865)

Calavius Skipper

SE Mexico to Panama

Ouleus salvina

Evans, 1953

Salvin's Skipper

E Mexico to Costa Rica

Ouleus panna

Evans, 1953

Panna Skipper

Guatemala to Colombia

Ouleus dilla baru

Nicolay, 1973

Dilla Skipper

Costa Rica and Panama

Ouleus negrus negrus

Nicolay, 1980

Negrus Skipper

Costa Rica and Panama

Zera belti

(Godman & Salvin, 1894)

Belti Skipper

Chiapas to Nicaragua

Zera zera

(Butler, 1870)

Zera Skipper

Costa Rica to Venezuela, Ecuador
and S Brazil

Zera difficilis

(Weeks, 1901)

Difficult Skipper

Chiapas, Guianas and upper

Zera nolckeni

(Mabille, 1891)

Nolcken's Skipper

Panama to Bolivia (not in

Zera hosta

Evans, 1953

Hosta Skipper

Chiapas to Colombia

Zera phila

(Godman & Salvin, 1894)

Phila Skipper

Panama to Peru and Bolivia

Zera hyacinthinius hyacinthinus

(Mabille, 1877)

Bruised Skipper

E & W Mexico to Colombia

Zera tetrastigma tetrastigma

(Sepp, [1847])

Tetrastigma Skipper

Chiapas to Guianas, Trinidad,
upper Amazon

Zera eboneus

(E. Bell, 1947)

Eboneus Skipper

SE Mexico

Quadrus cerialis

(Stoll, 1782)

Common Blue-Skipper

E & W Mexico to Argentina

Quadrus francesius

H. Freeman, 1969

Chiapan Blue-Skipper

S Mexico (Chiapas) to Costa Rica

Quadrus contubernalis

(Mabille, 1883)

Striped Blue-Skipper

SE Mexico to upper Amazon

Quadrus contubernalis anicius

(Godman & Salvin, 1894)

'Guatemalan' Striped Blue-Skipper

SE Mexico, Guatemala

Quadrus lugubris lugubris

(R. Felder, 1869)

Tanned Blue-Skipper

E & W Mexico to Costa Rica

Gindanes brontinus brontinus

Godman & Salvin, 1895

Straight-edged Skipper

E & W Mexico to Costa Rica

Gindanes brebisson panaetius

Godman & Salvin, 1895

White-trailed Skipper

SE Mexico to Panama

Pythonides jovianus amaryllis

Staudinger, 1876

Variable Blue-Skipper

SE Mexico to Ecuador and Peru

Pythonides jovianus jovianus

(Stoll, 1782)

Variable Blue-Skipper

Guatemala, Colombia, Guianas,
Trinidad, upper Amazon

Pythonides grandis assecla

Mabille, 1883

Many-spotted Blue-Skipper

SE Mexico to upper Amazon (Peru)

Pythonides proxenus

(Godman & Salvin, 1895)

Proxenus Blue-Skipper

SE Mexico to Venezuela and

Pythonides herennius herennius

Geyer, [1838]

Herennius Blue-Skipper

Panama to Peru and lower Amazon

Pythonides pteras

(Godman & Salvin, 1895)

Narrow-winged Blue-Skipper

Chiapas to Colombia

Pythonides mundo

H. Freeman, 1979

Freeman's Blue-Skipper

S Mexico (OAX)

Pythonides rosa

Steinhauser, 1989

Steinhauser's Blue-Skipper

S Mexico (CHIS)

Haemactis sp.

Red-washed Skipper

Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Atarnes sallei

(C. Felder & R. Felder, 1867)

Orange-spotted Skipper

E & W Mexico to Colombia

Milanion hemes hemes

(Cramer, 1777)

Hemes Skipper

Costa Rica to Guianas and

Milanion marciana

Godman & Salvin, 1895

Marciana Skipper

Costa Rica to Colombia

Paramimus stigma stanna

Evans, 1953

Stigma Skipper

Panama, (Colombia)