Genus   Bolla

Bolla cylindus

(Godman & Salvin, 1896)

Checkered Sootywing

SE Mexico (VER) to Costa Rica

Bolla cybele

Evans, 1953

Veracruzan Sootywing

SE Mexico (VER)

Bolla cyclops

(Mabille, 1876)

Cyclops Sootywing

[= sonda], SE Mexico, Guatemala,

Bolla atahuallpai

(Lindsey, 1925)

Atahuallpai Sootywing

Panama to Argentina

Bolla cupreiceps

(Mabille, 1891)

Copper-headed Sootywing

E & S Mexico to Bolivia and S

Bolla subapicatus

(Schaus, 1902)

Fin-tipped Sootywing

W & S Mexico, Guatemala

Bolla orsines

(Godman & Salvin, 1896)

Hook-tipped Sootywing

E & W Mexico to El Salvador

Bolla evippe

(Godman & Salvin, 1896)

Rough-tipped Sootywing

E & W Mexico, Guatemala,

Bolla imbras

(Godman & Salvin, 1896)

Rounded Sootywing

[= pullata], E & S Mexico to
Colombia and Venezuela

Bolla brennus brennus

(Godman & Salvin, 1896)

Obscure Sootywing

S Texas (one-time stray), E
Mexico to Panama

Bolla oriza

Evans, 1953

Orizaba Sootywing

SE Mexico (VER, CHIS?)

Bolla guerra

Evans, 1953

Guerrero Sootywing

SW Mexico to Nicaragua

Bolla boliviensis

(E. Bell, 1937)

Bolivian Sootywing

Guatemala to Bolivia

Bolla saletas

(Godman & Salvin, 1896)

Saletas Sootywing

Guatemala to El Salvador

Bolla eusebius

(Plötz, 1884)

Spatulate Sootywing

E & W Mexico to Costa Rica

Bolla fenestra

Steinhauser, 1991

Oaxacan Sootywing

S Mexico (OAX)

Bolla solitaria

Steinhauser, 1991

Solitary Sootywing

S Mexico (OAX)

Bolla zorilla

(Plötz, 1886)

Zorilla Sootywing

SE Mexico (VER, OAX) to Bolivia

Bolla clytius

(Godman & Salvin, 1897)

Mottled Sootywing

SE AZ & S TX (rare strays) to

Bolla litus

(Dyar, 1912)

Many-spotted Sootywing

mostly W Mexico