Genus   Staphylus

Staphylus ceos

(W. H. Edwards, 1882)

Golden-headed Sootywing

far S CA, S NV (rare), S AZ, S
NM, S TX, to QRO

Staphylus vulgata

(Möschler, 1879)

Golden-snouted Sootywing

E & W Mexico to Argentina

Staphylus caribbea

(R. Williams & E. Bell, 1940)

Panamanian Sootywing

Nicaragua to Ecuador

Staphylus tepeca

(E. Bell, 1942)

Grizzled Sootywing

C & S Mexico (mostly DF to OAX)

Staphylus hayhurstii

(W. H. Edwards, 1870)

Hayhurst's Sootywing

S Ontario, E USA to far SE SD,
NB, KS, to S-C TX

Staphylus tierra

Evans, 1953

West-Mexican Sootywing

W Mexico (SON to CHIS), El

Staphylus mazans

(Reakirt, [1867])

Mazans Sootywing


Staphylus ascalaphus

(Staudinger, 1876)

Central American Sootywing

SE Mexico to Bolivia, S Brazil

Staphylus perforata

(Möschler, 1879)

Perforata Sootywing

Panama, Colombia, Peru

Staphylus unicornis

Steinhauser & Austin, 1993

Unicorn Sootywing

Costa Rica

Staphylus lenis

Steinhauser, 1989

Lenis Sootywing

Yucatan Peninsula to Trinidad

Staphylus azteca

(Scudder, 1872)

Aztec Sootywing

E & W Mexico to Costa Rica

Staphylus vincula

(Plötz, 1886)

Mountain Sootywing

E & W Mexico to Venezuela

Staphylus oeta

(Plötz, 1884)

Oeta Sootywing

Costa Rica to Bolivia and

Staphylus parvus

Steinhauser & Austin, 1993

Parvus Sootywing

Costa Rica

Staphylus evemerus

Godman & Salvin, 1896

Evemerus Sootywing

Nicaragua to Panama

Staphylus huigra huigra

(R. Williams & E. Bell, 1940)

Huigra Sootywing

El Salvador, Ecuador to Bolivia

Staphylus iguala

(R. Williams & E. Bell, 1940)

Iguala Sootywing

W & S Mexico

Staphylus cartagoa

(R. Williams & E. Bell, 1940)

Cartagoa Sootywing

Costa Rica, El Salvador

Staphylus esmeraldus

L. Miller, 1966

Esmeraldus Sootywing

E Costa Rica