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Texola e. elada (Hewitson, 1868)
(Elada Checkerspot)

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C & S Mexico


(From: A Catalogue of the Butterflies of the United States and Canada, Jonathan P. Pelham)

Genus Texola Higgins, 1959

Lepid. News 12(5-6): 161, figs. 1b, 2b ♂ genitalia, 3b palp, 4b FW veination (dymas), 5b FW (dymas). Type-species: Eresia elada Hewitson, 1868, Ill. exot. Butts. 4(33): [49], pl. Eresia VII [19], figs. 54, 55, by original designation.


Texola elada (Hewitson, 1868)

Ill. exot. Butts. 4(33): [49], pl. Eresia VII [19], figs. 54 ♂ D, 55 ♂ V.

Original Combination: Eresia Elada

Type Locality: “Mexico”

Types: Holotype in BMNH.

            =    callina (Boisduval, 1869)

Annls. Soc. Entomol. Belg. 12: 54, no. 39.

Original Combination: Melitaea Callina

Type Locality: “dans la Sonora, nous avons reçu du Mexique plusiers individus de cette même espece”; lectotype is labeled, probably erroneously, “Sonora.”

Types: Lectotype in CMNH, designated by Higgins (1960), Trans. R. Entomol. Soc. Lond. 112(14): 452-453; figured by W. Holland (1931), Butt. Book (rev. ed.): pl. 59, fig. 21 ♂ D. F. Brown (1965), J. Lepid. Soc. 19(4): fig. 4 ♂ D&V, and J. Emmel et al. (1998), Syst. W. N. Am. Butts. (2): 31, figs. 231 ♂ D, 232 ♂ V.

J. Emmel et al. (1998), ibid., discussed this taxon and the uncertainty about its type locality. The lectotype was loaned to W. H. Edwards by Boisduval, but Boisduval died before it could be returned. The subsequent figure of a specimen of Texola elada ulrica by Oberthür (1914), Étud. Lépid. Comp. 9(2): pl. 260, fig. 2185 ♂ D&V, and designation of that figure as the “type” of callina by W. Barnes and McDunnough (1916), Contr. Nat. Hist. Lepid. N. Am. 3(2): 92, confused the issue; F. Brown (1965), J. Lepid. Soc. 19(4): 207-211, detailed this confusion. The actual type locality remains unknown; there currently are no populations of Texola in Lorquin’s “Sonora” (the vicinity of Los Angeles, California).

            =    socia (R. Felder, 1869)

Verh. zool.-bot. Ges. Wien 19: 470-471, no. 18.

Original Combination: Eresia socia

Type Locality: not stated; “Mexico” implied from the title of the paper.

Types: Location of type(s) not known.



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